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1.Home doctor is a quality service providing company that works with a team of qualified service men. Servicemen are registered with

the company only after they qualify and pass the quality policy of company. Home Doctor regularly monitors the performances of the

quality of services of each service man.

2. Home Doctor also provides original spare parts of different brands required for services of different home appliances.

3. A reference rate chart will be available of the services provided to the consumer through service men and on the company’s website.

4. All payment for the spare parts provided by The Home Doctor should be paid to the servicemen only on being given a bill and receipt.

5. Payment should always be made in the mode as described by the company call centre.

6. Follow ups or confirmation of work carried out by our service men should only be communicated at our specified number otherwise

The Home Doctor will not be responsible for any calls booked directly with the service men.

7. The Home Doctor takes responsibility for quality services provided directly through the company. In case of any large value/

contractual work the payment should be made directly to the company through the specified mode of payment.

8. The Home Doctor shall issue an invoice/ bill after deducting/levying appropriate and applicable taxes.

9. For the service and spares carried out by the service men invoice/bill shall be issued by the service men. The invoice/bill will be

having the Home Doctors logo indicating that the servicemen are a Home Doctor affiliate. If consumer requires the bill/invoice via

company directly it shall be provided. Receipts will be issued for all payment made by the attending servicemen.

10. If the consumer does not pay service/ spare charges the company reserves its right to recover the same by legal means and also

blacklisting the consumer for any other services and terminate the contract.

11. Home Doctor is liable only for the spares and services provided by The Home Doctor. The spares which are not provided by The

Home Doctor, The Home Doctor will not be responsible.

12. The service request can be lodged from 10a.m. to 6p.m. on calls.

13. In case of any criminal acts committed by the servicemen while providing services to the consumer at its own will, the consumer can

take direct actions under the laws of the country on such servicemen and also keep Home Doctor informed on full details of the same.

14. In case of actions taken by consumer against the servicemen in pursuant to the above point the consumer is informed that he/she

cannot make Home Doctor a party to such offense as a person is individually and severely liable for any criminal acts committed by

him or her.

15. In case a consumer directly approaches the company’s servicemen for supplying the spares required will not be acceptable which will

lead to termination of the consumer’s contract with immediate effect.

16. Our service will be provided only at the address used for registration of membership.

17. Membership can be cancelled by a customer within 7 days of purchase of any of our services and the money will be refunded after

some deduction which will be decided by the company.

18. All the costs of services provided include labour charges only. Spares/ parts/ materials will be charged extra.

19. If a spare part is purchased through Home Doctor, then the Home Doctor is liable if the part is defected and found not working within

the warranty period.

20. The members will be bound with the terms & conditions which shall be communicated at the time of registering the call of services

which needs to be signed before any services.

21. The consumers should be careful to check the ID cards of the servicemen before allowing him to enter their houses/offices.

22. The consumers need to monitor the service of the servicemen when they are at work.

23. The Home Doctor will not be responsible or will not be answerable, if any work done by us in handled by any other technician besides

our servicemen.

24. Any additional services if requested by the consumer after the consumption of the free services will be chargeable.

25. The free service will be limited to any kind of repairs and maintenance of any electrical and plumbing within the household.

26. Our offices will be closed on Sundays, national holidays and declared holidays.

27. The Home Doctor will not be liable for any kind of loss or damages out of the scope of the contract in any events.

28. The Home Doctor reserves the right to change or terminate any contract/prices or term & conditions without giving any reasons to the


29. For maintaining the quality of services provided by The Home Doctor, The Home Doctor has the right to refuse service to any

consumer at any time for any internal and external reasons.

30. If any person or consumer is abusive, rude, ill mannered, threatening or harassing our staff, The Home Doctor has the right to

terminate the contract with immediate effect due to the same.

31. In case of the change in address of the residence/office, the contract will be shifted to the new address which means the contract of the

old address is cancelled and an inspection of the new address will be taken before the signing of new agreement at the new address.

32. Services above 2hrs can be charged extra or as applicable upon sole discretion of The Home Doctor.

33. The rates will be decided by THDS Services, as per the company policies of determining the rates. The rates decided would be either

on floor area (maximum till 3000 sq.ft.) per contract or number of entry points into the premises.

34. Unlimited visits are subjected to maximum of 150 visits during the tenure of the contract, or as decide upon by The Home Doctor.

35. All disputes, which may or may not form part of this contract is subject to Kolkata jurisdiction.


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