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5 offbeat yet immensely useful gifts that will make your daughters happier than ever this Sindhara

Time has come for you to celebrate the pious bond of love and conjugal bliss. Hariyali Teej is just a day ahead and if you are a parent then your Hariyali Teej is likely to be happier as you would be entitled to the precious opportunity to pamper your daughter with Sindhara.
It is the era of multitasking women who are used to running both their households and careers with equal efficiency. As the lifestyles of contemporary women get busier, the time they can afford to spend on home maintenance naturally undergoes a curtail, with many women complaining of how good would it had been, if they could find someone trustworthy and skilful to look after the improvement of their home interiors.
So, do you plan to do something thoughtful for your daughter this Sindhara instead of gifting her the regular and distastefully common goodies that you do every year? Let us help you make her Sindhara memorable! Keep reading!

1. Pest Control service from The Home Doctor because your daughter is the protector of her household!

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Just like you have taught your daughter to take all the impending dangers and troubles coming towards her family in her stride and protect it at all costs, we have trained our servicemen to protect houses from harmful pests and resultant infections. So, what can be a better gift than a professional pest control service to your daughter?

2. Plumbing and Waterproofing services from The Home Doctor because it is in her prerogative to manage all the inlets and outlets of joy in her household


Be it managing finances or the diet of her family members, your daughter is the one who never lets any estimates go wrong. She is the unofficial accountant of the family. So, why should she let water flow out from unwanted outlets? Should you not help her to conserve this useful resource too?

3. Painting, Furniture Management and Interior Decoration services from The Home Doctor because your daughter is the grace of her household

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Just like the happiness and bliss of her household aggrandizes with the charm of your daughter, let her be appreciated for her aesthetic sense. Book her our aesthetic services such as painting, furniture management etc and give her the chance of letting the artist inside her bloom.

4. Electrician services from The Home Doctor, because your daughter illuminates the world

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It is the aura of her confidence that shines bright wherever she goes. She enlightens her vicinity with her presence each time and is the light of her household. So, why should she wait for a male member of her family to call the electrician? Why don’t you share information about our safe and reliable electrician services to her and make her as self-sufficient and efficient when it comes to availing home services as she is in other aspects of her life?

5. Still confused? We have a solution for this too!

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Try gifting any of our package deals to your daughter for her home or office management! Our packages are easy to book, affordable and will give an all-encompassing range of services to your daughter for the overall improvement of her home and corporate spaces. You can in fact book them as easily as by clicking this link

To know more about our awesomely cool services, check this link . You can thank us, later!

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