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5 ways in which you can manage your wooden furniture easily in monsoons

Wooden furniture forms the lion’s share of the home décor of an Indian family. Not only we have had a special attachment to wood but it is also regarded to be the most durable of furnishing materials in India. Weddings are never complete without the bride bringing over wooden furniture from her pre-nuptial household.
But wood is not an easy furnishing material to deal with, especially during monsoons when it absorbs moisture from the atmosphere and becomes unbearably heavy to be moved or turned around and cleaned. It is often sarcastically said that closing wooden doors and windows during the rainy season would be a good replacement to doing rounds of dumble lifting in the gym, which is meant for building muscles.
Haven’t you always wondered, if there was a remedy to prevent wooden furniture from becoming unmanageable during monsoons? Well, the good news is, we at The Home Doctor have brought you 5 unbelievably simple tips to manage your wooden furniture in monsoons! See, how!

1. Ensure that your wooden furniture is kept away from windows and walls
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It is through the windows that the moisture in the atmosphere comes into your home and is absorbed by your walls. The closer your furniture is to your windows and walls, higher are its chances of absorbing moisture and becoming heavier.

2. Oil your furniture
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If you apply a layer of any oil on the surface of your furniture, it develops a non-permeable film, which will prevent moisture from seeping in, thus keeping your furniture dry and manageable. You may also use spray on wax.

3. Keep naphthalene and camphor balls around
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Naphthalene and camphor balls are good moisture absorbents and thus, they can keep moisture away from permeating into your valuable wooden furniture.

4. Clean your furniture regularly

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If dust settles on your wooden furniture it would attract moisture making wood soft, thus you must clean it periodically with a dry cotton cloth. Avoid using liquid cleansers in monsoons.

5. Use a dehumidifier
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Dehumidifiers are electronic gadgets that control humidity levels mainly for rust and other deterioration due to excess humidity. You may use them at home during monsoons to prevent your wooden furniture from absorbing moisture. You may even consider blow drying on the smaller pieces of furniture such as dressing tables and bedside tables.

And last but not the least, for all your furnishing woes, do not forget to call us at The Home Doctor at the earliest, we shall provide the best of professional and most reasonable furniture management solutions for your home and office, without any follow ups!

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