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Electric shocks are the most painful of memories in one’s life. They can result in anything from intense body aches to long term nervous reactions to heart ailments to death. Thus it is necessary to prevent electric shocks at home by all means.
Although electric wires are normally made of substances which are poor conductors of electricity but in monsoons these wires can get wet and become better conductors of electricity after absorbing moisture, making anyone in their vicinity prone to electric shocks.
However, it is very easy to avoid electric shocks by just being a bit cautious. The Home Doctor brings you five easy ways to avoid electric shocks during monsoon.

1. Shut windows located near plug points during showers

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It is the general convention to shut all doors and windows during heavy rains and even if you do not otherwise follow this convention, you must if your electrical fittings are near the windows, where from rain droplets may enter your home and moisten the plug points, making them vulnerable.

2. Switch off all electronic devices during thunderstorms

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Lightening is a common thing during monsoon, during which electricity can be conducted inside your home through electronic wires resulting in major fire accidents. Thus it is recommended that you switch off all power connections, including mobile phone chargers during thunderstorms.

3. It is advisable to switch off your gadgets when the voltage fluctuates

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Power cuts and cable faults are common during the monsoon. Beside it is not affordable for every Indian family to have a generator, thus it is highly recommended that you switch the main control of power whenever you see your lights simmering or the fan speed decreasing. Not doing so may harm all your gadgets making them vulnerable. You may also use a stabilizer.

4. Avoid steering near switches or electrical fittings, when you are wet

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This goes without saying, when you come back home in a wet condition, dry yourself first, before switching your gadgets on. Use a wooden scale or other instruments made from poor conductors of electricity to manage switches, if necessary.

5. Get your earthing checked before monsoon sets in

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It is a good practise to get all your electrical fittings checked before monsoons, to avoid accidents. Loose fittings and wrong earthings increase chances of electric shocks.

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