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5 ‘do it yourself’ interior decoration hacks that would never fail you

Before interior decoration became a full-fledged professional discourse in itself, our mothers and grandmothers decorated the interiors of our houses by themselves. Be it choosing the color of the walls or the show pieces on the show case of the living room, they did it all effortlessly and made our homes look like magic.

With time however, professionals stepped inside the walls of our houses to give it a perfect makeover, but ever wondered that if our mothers could, why cannot we decorate our houses by ourselves, once in a while? Let us trigger our aesthetic senses and put our creative hats on, now.

1. Choose the color scheme of your home first

You know the composition of your furniture and the size of your rooms, so choose a colour that contrasts well, with the belongings of the house. Avoid using opaque colours like brown or black which make your rooms appear darker and go for a mixture of solid hues and textures. You can also choose playful stickers for your kid’s rooms and bright shades for your bedroom. If you have elderly in your family, try the lighter shades like pale yellow and sky blue in their rooms.

2. Make your walls the centers of attraction
Add a burst of creativity to your walls, be it through memories by hanging family photos or through souvenirs such as framed old wedding card of the family, first finger prints of babies of the family or add famous artworks to them. You may even add bulb lights above each art work for better visibility and attention.

3. Choose furniture that suits your necessities without taking space
Why fill your home with unnecessary furniture? Make a count of the furniture you need-one bed for each couple/child, one study cum dining table and a chair for each member of the family, a couple of book racks and shelves, a couple of bedside tables and a sofa set that fits 4-6 people at a time in the drawing room, that is all you need. Add a dash of offbeat colors, contrasting with your wall to your furniture and get them made in light weight substances such as wrought iron.

4. Go for wooden floors
Rather than spending hours on choosing the right marble for your floors, why don’t you go for an environmental friendly and economically viable wooden floor? It is also easy to maintain, where you would not need to wipe it regularly, just broom and vacuum and safe, where the children and the elderly would not slip off.

5. Go for a modular kitchen
Modular kitchens are very much in and the best part of using them are they can be installed and uninstalled anywhere anytime, even if you are moving elsewhere and store the maximum without taking much space. They are also colorful and attractive.

And lo and behold! Your home is ready! Was it that difficult setting it up all alone? And always remember for everything from furnishing to water proofing, The Home Doctor is there with its range of individual and package home improvement services to make your house, a home. To know more go to

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