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1.This contract provides free repair and maintenance of all parts except Condenser & Cooling Coils and plastic sheet metal components

like Front Grills, Air Filter, Fan-blade, Remote Control, Outer Casing, Thermocol and Base Tray.

2. All incidental expenses like gas-charging, labour, transportation etc incurred towards repair/replacement of the spares not covered

under contract will be chargeable at the prevailing rates.

3. During the contract, the customer shall not directly or indirectly alter/tamper the machine, which changes the internal operation of the

machine. The Home Doctor shall not be liable to service/repair in such cases and decision made by the Home Doctor is final.

4. The Home Doctor shall be under no obligation to provide service/repair because of improper use, modification or substitution, or if the

serial number of the set is altered or removed.

5. Gas charging shall be chargeable extra in all cases of compressor, cooling oil and condenser replacement only at the prevailing rates.

6. Transportation shall be chargeable extra in all cases of workshop (call back) repairs @rs.500/- per set.

7. Pump down overhauling if required in cases of Spilt AC shall be charged extra as per prevailing rates.

8. External components like copper-pipe, insulation, electrical switches etc. does not form part of the contract and are not covered.

9. The Home Doctor can terminate the contract without assigning any reason whatsoever before the completion of the contract period

and the amount pertaining to the unexpired period of the contract only shall be refunded on the pro-rata basis. However, no service-

tax or any other levy/charge shall be paid back on the refund amount.

10. In case the consumer terminates the contract before the completion of the contract period, the amount pertaining to the unexpired

period of the contract will not be refundable.

11. In case the contract is terminated within 7 days from the date of contract. A handling charge of Rs.350/- in addition to any other

charges, as applicable, shall be deducted.

12. The Home Doctor shall not be responsible for any damage to the set caused by high voltage fluctuation, lighting, fire, flood, accidents

or any other such abnormal cause, while the set is in the service centre.

13. The service shall be provided during normal working hours i.e. 10:00 am to 6:00pm. No service shall be provided on declared


14. There will be no service provided on Sundays and National Holidays.

15. Decision to sell contract rests solely with The Home Doctor and will be binding onto the customer, without assigning any reason


16. There will be No Commitment on repair time given by The Home Doctor.

17. The consumer needs to monitor the service of the servicemen when they are at work.

18. For maintaining the quality of the services provided by The Home Doctor, The Home Doctor has the right to refuse any service to any

consumer at any time for any internal and external reasons.

19. If any person or consumer is abusive, rude, ill mannered, threatening or harassing our service men, The Home Doctor has the right to

terminate the contract with immediate effect.

20. The consumer should be careful to check the ID Cards of the servicemen before allowing them to enter their premises.

21. Our Contract Services will be provided only at the address used for registration of the membership.

22. In case a consumer directly approaches The Home Doctor’s servicemen for providing service/spares required would not be acceptable

which shall lead to the termination of the consumer contract with immediate effect.

23. In case of any criminal act committed by the servicemen while providing services to the consumers at its own will, the consumer can

take direct action under the laws of the country on such servicemen and also keep The Home Doctor informed on full details of the


24. In case of action taken by the consumer against the servicemen in pursuant to the above point the consumer is informed that he/she

cannot make The Home Doctor a party to such offense as a person is individually and severely liable for any criminal acts committed

by him/her.

25. The service request can be from 10:00am to 7:00pm on calls. Service will be provided on first come first serve basis.

26. Servicemen sent by The Home Doctor are independent professionals and The Home Doctor will take no responsibility for money paid

to the servicemen without informing the company. The company shall not be responsible for any money given to the servicemen

without a bill/invoice duly signed and stamped.

27. The consumer has to provide proper access to the machines wherever they are placed and also provide means to access incase of any

machines placed in a height or closed areas. Also in case the machine has to be accessed from outside the building and the home

doctor is told to access it by themselves. In that case any expenses incurred in getting so done the expenses shall be paid by the

consumer immediately.

28. All disputes, which may or may not form part of this contract is subject to Kolkata jurisdiction.


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